Cookies Required For The Operation Of An Internet Experience That Do Not Impact On Privacy, Such As Items In An Online Shopping Cart, Will No Longer Require Consent, Nor Will Cookies Used To Analyse Visitor Numbers.

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The new legislation seeks to reinforce the right to privacy and control of data for European citizens, with messaging, email and voice services such as those provided by Facebook, Google and Microsoft forced to guarantee the confidentiality of conversations and metadata around the time, place and other factors of those conversations. Listening to, tapping, intercepting, scanning or the storing of communications will not be allowed without the consent of the user, unless it is critical for billing or other purposes. Companies will have to ask for the explicit consent of users before being able to use their data for advertising purposes, which most use to fund services provided for free to end-users. Andrus Ansip, vice-president for the digital single market said: Our proposals will deliver the trust in the Digital Single Market that people expect. I want to ensure confidentiality of electronic communications and privacy. Our draft ePrivacy Regulation strikes the right balance: it provides a high level of protection for consumers, while allowing businesses to innovate. The rules governing the placing and use of cookies, which currently require consent for all purposes and has led to a cookie warning appearing on a site when visiting for the first time, are being simplified. The EC hopes to remove the overload of cookie warnings. Cookies required for the operation of an internet experience that do not impact on privacy, such as items in an online shopping cart, will no longer require consent, nor will cookies used to analyse visitor numbers. But privacy intrusive cookies will still require consent before being placed on a users machine. The proposals also ban unsolicited and nonconsensual electronic communication, and will require marketing calls to display their phone number or use a special prefix only for marketing calls.

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